The skin is your body’s largest organ, yet many of us actively avoid proper skin care. Medical conditions like eczema or even skin cancer can be properly managed with the right care from a board-certified dermatologist. We know what we’re talking about because we just happen to have two of the best board-certified dermatologists in Philadelphia right here at Aesthetic Dermatology!

With over 20 years of combined experience, Dr. Lynn Klein and Dr. Daniel Parish can be trusted with the most complex and challenging medical skin care cases. They’re also super likable and will only mildly lecture you about not using enough sunscreen.

For more information or help designing a skin care treatment plan that’s customized just for you, contact us online or call our Bala Cynwyd office at 610-668-2570 . Our board-certified dermatologists are proud to help improve the skin health of men and women from Philadelphia and the surrounding area.

Skin Cancer Surgery

Skin cancer is a national epidemic. Luckily, scientists have developed advanced ways to treat it and prevent recurrence. We surgically remove cancerous growths in a way that is safe, effective and won’t leave you looking like the Elephant Man.

Mole Removal

While moles aren’t inherently dangerous, many people opt for mole removal for aesthetic reasons. As part of our mole removal services, we’ll biopsy suspicious-looking moles to rule out the possibility of cancer. We can also remove skin lesions, growths and other “weird skin things” as needed.

Eczema Treatment

Eczema is a blanket term for skin conditions that cause swelling, discoloration, dryness, itching and (in some cases) blistering. Eczema treatment can not only soothe active symptoms, but may also include skin care products and lifestyle changes to help minimize future flare-ups.*

Laser Scar Revision

Scars that didn’t heal optimally can feel like a flashing neon sign right on your skin. Laser scar revision can minimize a scar’s appearance by making changes in color, texture or both to help scar tissue blend better with the surrounding skin.*

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

Medical Skin Care
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Medical Skin Care
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Aesthetic Dermatology in Bala Cynwyd offers a full range of medical skin care treatments, including skin cancer surgery, mole removal and scar revision.