Smiling woman resting cheek on hand

Smiling woman resting cheek on handIf you’ve already dug into some research on laser skin rejuvenation treatments, you may have noticed that there’s no shortage of options. But not all types of lasers and light therapy treatments can address the same range of skin concerns. IPL therapy treatments can really up your skin care game if you’re bothered by any of these four common skin care woes.

1. Sun Spots

Like their name suggests, sun spots can be caused by spending too much time in the sun without sunscreen or, dare we say, being a regular at the tanning salon. Other causes of dark spots on the skin include aging, hormonal fluctuations and acne scarring.

No matter the cause, though, if signs of hyperpigmentation are a concern for you, talk to a board-certified dermatologist about whether IPL treatments can help.

2. Redness and Flushing

There’s not currently a cure for rosacea, but there are new medications and treatment options that can help to get symptoms under control.

Red, flushed skin is a much more common problem than you might think, especially for anyone struggling with rosacea and other inflammatory skin conditions.

Dermatologists also sometimes recommend IPL skin rejuvenation treatments for spider veins or broken blood vessels that just don’t seem to go away.

3. Lines and Wrinkles

There are lots of ways that you can go about addressing lines and wrinkles, but if you’re just now noticing the first hints of these common signs of aging, your dermatologist may recommend IPL on its own or in combination with other cosmetic treatments or skin care products.

4. Enlarged Pores

For some people, the appearance of enlarged pores can create an uneven skin tone and texture. If this is a cosmetic concern for you, your dermatologist may suggest a series of IPL treatments to help.

How IPL Takes Your Skin Care to a Whole New Level
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How IPL Takes Your Skin Care to a Whole New Level
Wondering how IPL can up your skin care game? Bala Cynwyd board-certified dermatologist Dr. Lynn Klein at Aesthetic Dermatology lists the top IPL benefits.
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