We’re positive that every celebrity who claims to have “never” had work done isn’t admitting to their BOTOX® injections. A fave beauty secret for celebs and non-celebs alike, BOTOX Cosmetic is an injectable product that’s commonly used by dermatologists to minimize premature signs of facial aging.

Dr. Lynn Klein and our team at Aesthetic Dermatology have long been big BOTOX fans. In fact, Dr. Klein was one of the first doctors in the Philadelphia area to offer BOTOX. Our Bala Cynwyd practice has a loyal following of patients who visit our office routinely to maintain regular BOTOX touchups, because they know we focus on results that look real, never frozen.

For more information or to learn whether BOTOX could be right for you, please contact us online or call 610-668-2570 to schedule a consultation with our board-certified dermatologists.

How BOTOX Works

BOTOX is FDA-approved to temporarily improve the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines and crow’s feet.* These dynamic wrinkles develop as the result of making normal facial expressions like laughing, glaring at your kids and worrying whether your wrinkles are getting worse. BOTOX zaps the underlying muscle activity that causes these lines to form.

BOTOX is often hailed as some kind of miracle product but really it’s just science hard at work. Normally, the brain sends messages to the muscles so they can contract and move, arranging the face into specific expressions. Over time, this repeated muscle activity causes crow’s feet and frown lines to appear between the eyebrows, just like folding a piece of paper along the same lines over and over again eventually causes creases.

When injected into specific target spots, BOTOX temporarily blocks the nerve signals, paralyzing the muscles. As muscle activity temporarily ceases, the overlying skin looks smoother and less wrinkled.*

What to Expect from Your BOTOX Treatment

One of the biggest perks of BOTOX is that it’s completely nonsurgical. Because BOTOX is an injection based-treatment, at most you might require a topical anesthetic.

Using a very fine needle, our board-certified dermatologists inject small amounts of BOTOX precisely into the facial muscles responsible for the wrinkles in question. You may feel a sensation similar to a pinprick, but it shouldn’t be painful.* The number of injections and the amount of product used depends on the specific area(s) treated and the amount of correction necessary. It’s not uncommon to combine BOTOX injections with dermal fillerslaser skin treatments or another facial rejuvenation procedure.

Recovering from BOTOX Treatment

Although possible side effects do include minor bruising or swelling at the injection site, BOTOX injections typically require only minimal downtime.* Right after your BOTOX appointment, you can most likely return right away to work and normal activities.* You should avoid strenuous activity for the first 24 hours or so. Also, don’t rub or put any pressure on the treated area, as migrated BOTOX could cause you to look botoxicated.

Typical BOTOX Results

Unless you really want Spock eyebrows, our dermatologists adopt a conservative approach to BOTOX, helping you look naturally refreshed instead of “done.”

Although individual experiences vary, BOTOX results typically appear within 3 days to a week, with maximum benefits appearing around 14 days.* Your eye area and forehead should look smoother with less noticeable wrinkles.*

BOTOX results tend to last 3 to 4 months in most cases.* Gradually, your results will fade and your children will once again see visible frown lines when you glare at them… at which point, we encourage you to schedule a repeat treatment to maintain the effects.*

Possible BOTOX Side Effects

BOTOX is approved by the FDA for safe use, and complications are rare.* Side effects are usually mild and temporary, if they occur at all. In some cases, patients experience temporary bruising, slight eyelid drooping or an asymmetrical facial expression. Other side effects may include dry mouth, fatigue, headache, neck pain, double vision or decreased eyesight. If you notice anything worrisome after your BOTOX treatment, call our practice and speak to a member of our team.

Learn More about BOTOX

If you’d like to learn more about BOTOX and see whether this treatment can help you meet your personal cosmetic goals, please contact Aesthetic Dermatology online or call 610-668-2570 to schedule a consultation with our board-certified dermatologists at our Bala Cynwyd practice.

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

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**Actual patients shown before and after treatment. Your results may vary. Photos are for education only and are not meant as a guarantee of results.

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